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Current Funding Focus

In 2012-2013, we raised $280,000. These funds are being used this academic year as follows:

  • Ongoing funding of two full-time Technology teachers and a district-wide technology program.
  • Supporting important teacher training focused on technology and the new common core standards.
  • New funding for an elementary Music teacher who’ll provide music education and enriching learning opportunities for all students in grades K-5. This program will include classroom music lessons for grades K-4 and instrumental music for beginning band and orchestra to 5th graders. (Made possible, in part, by the Millbrae School District’s funding of the instructional aides that the MEF has funded in the past.)

Community support and generous donations of time, money, and in-kind gifts make this possible!

We are encouraged by the progress we are making as a district, and, as always, grateful to all who have donated, and supported our efforts. This year

Our goal this year is the 3 R’s, RETAIN, RESTORE, REDUCE! The more we raise the more we can do. If we raise:

  • $300,000, we RETAIN the technology and music programs we are funding now.

  • $500,000, we can expand what we’re funding and RESTORE more enriching programs.

  • $1 million we can continue to fund programs and help REDUCE class sizes by hiring additional classroom teachers. This is a big goal, but other districts have done it and Millbrae can too, with everyone’s participation!
Current projections are as uncertain as our state and federal budgets. Over the last few years we’ve seen $2 million in cuts in our small district—the effects of more cuts would be devastating without your support. But there is hope. The Millbrae Education Foundation is working with the Millbrae School Board, our superintendent, PTAs, teachers, and principals to raise the funds needed to help counteract these detrimental effects on our children.

Donate, volunteer, and know that whatever you can do, whether a little or a lot, is the right choice!

What has the MEF funded in recent years?
  • 2010-2011, the MEF funded a grades 4-8 music program and instructional aides.
  • 2011-2012, the MEF funded a full-time counselor at Taylor and instructional aides.
  • 2012-2013, the MEF funded a new district-wide technology program and instructional aides.

The Millbrae School district now funds a music program at Taylor and instructional aides in our elementary schools. The Peninsula Health Care District now funds the counselor at Taylor, as well as providing comprehensive Physical Education, and other important health programs for our schools. As a result, MEF has shifted funding efforts to technology programming and support for our students and teachers, as well as music education in all of our elementary schools.

Our Kids. Our Future. Our Choice.

The MEF is funding a district-wide technology program. Above, Taylor technology teacher, Mr. Sullivan, supports the MEF with Lomita Park teacher and MEF Board member, Julie D'Maio.

The MEF is also funding an elementary school music program that will include classroom music lessons for grades K-4 and instrumental music for beginning band and orchestra to 5th graders.
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